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Is A Career In Transcription Right For Me?



Step 1

Sign up and Register: As soon as you register, you can access your lessons and begin right away.


Step 2

Read, Review, and Study Each Lesson: Take the quiz at the end of each lesson. You can retake the quiz at the end of the lesson if you fail it. These quizzes make you perfect and prepare you for the final exams.


Step 3

Take the Final Exams: This final step consists of transcribing 7 different audio files accurately. Should you pass with a qualifying score, you will be emailed a copy of your certificate of completion and you will also receive the original via USPS.

Once you pass the program with a qualifying final score, you will receive your certificate of completion. With a qualifying final grade, you will also be eligible for an internship with a reputable transcription company to gain valuable, real experience with real projects.

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