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2019 Election : Buhari Will Be Disgraced If...Mbaka Explodes

Rev Fr mbaka prophecies for 2018
1.president buhari should not run for second tenor to avoid disgrace that God have abandon him the way he abandon Saul

2.The next president should come from gombe state ,He is the one to revive Nigeria
3.recent punishment been encounter by mr president is as a result of crying of Nigerians due to hardship and signs that God is not happy with him
4.if Mr president want the grace of God to run for second tenor he should reshuffle his cabinet that he do not know those he is working with
5.many Nigerians will give birth to triplet
6.Nobody is above Nigeria that Nigeria is in the hand of God
7.PDP and APC are both good parties but have bad eggs in them
8.Mr president is not fighting corruption that corruption is fighting him (witch hunting)
9.2017 is the worst year ever experience by Nigerians that 2018 will be better
10.That age is not in the side of Mr president,that he is healthy but not strong..

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