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Benue Indigenes Challenge Buhari To Send Operation Lizard To Crush Fulani Herdsmen

Following the Town Hall meeting with the IGP. The IGP was tongue lashed and some speakers insisting that since Operation Crocodile smile was sent to South east to crush a less dangerous Ipob, Atleast they are demanding for Operation Lizard instead of the inconsequential presence of IGP.
Chief Mrs. Apedzan

“Fulanis are more than IPOB, they are more than Boko Haram. The Federal government sent operation crocodile in the east to flush out Biafra agitators, please send us at least operation lizard sir.”

Prof James Ayatse, Tor Tiv

“I want to welcome you to our state. On the controversy about your stop over at Nasarawa, I want to believe that your stop over was to commune with the Tiv people over there. It is not about the law, It is about an agenda. There was no law when we were attacked in the past”

“We are promising to cooperate with you, we will however wait to see your modus operandi. It’s not difficult to detect a genuine project. Be informed that in our silence we also have a God that can rise up and defend us.”

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