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Biafra : Message To Igbos & Former IPOB Members

I do not even know how to title this peace. But it’s directed at IPOB and their Igbo supporters and the future of Igbos.

We have clearly seen that we are not built to fight a war that would utterly destroy us. When military invaded Abia state , all IPOB retreated and became silent. Unlike in the north where they would fight to their death. One thing I understood from this is that we love our lives, not yet ready to die fighting for any cause .

Our people are also nauseating boastful, especially the kids on this platform. There is a tension and unseen suspicion of Igbos in the country presently. Most of you kids don’t know.

While Yorubas are busy turning Lagos to a megacity ,we are here bickering. No matter how much Tinubu and co are stealing, they still have very good plans for Lagos. You will say Igbos developed Lagos but Aba is at least 80% Igbo dominated. It’s about policies. Even though Aba might be generating millions of dollars monthly, there is no city planning in place.

My main reason for writing this peace is to ask fellow Igbos to retreat . In any war wether physical, economical or political, you need strategyand allies. Firstly, let’s stop being boastful even if we really control 80% of commerce in Lagos and Kano. We say we are Jews, but we’ve learnt nothing from them. Jews are very proud but never boastful. They can control your whole economy, country silently without making any noise. Jews (Rothschild family) presently own and control modern world banking system including our CBN and US federal reserve. That’s why they can mess up your economy if you don’t do things their way. They even control US government! Yet they are very silent. Any day they mention by themselves that they control US government would end in disaster for them.

So let us be wise, silent and strategize to build Ala-Igbo from scratch . Sometimes I feel most people shouting “Afonja” on this forum may not even be Igbos. May be mischievous characters to discredit and pitch Igbos against their neighbours. The disadvantage of this kind of forum.

I hope this message gets across to someone and that it actually made him have a change of thinking

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